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Rio Pop

Delicious fruit lolipop

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Rio Pop! A tasty Lollipop you can’t resist!
Since 2017, Rio Pop has been the best quality sweet in the market. It is a low-sugar lollipop with 4 exciting flavors
wild apple.

The beauty of Rio Pop is not only in its appearance which is really beautiful to behold but also in its volume. An Average stick of Rio pop weighs 18g which is bigger compared to another lollipop in its category. It has a center filled with gum which makes it unique and a longer Stick which makes handling much easier.
There are several health benefits that you can get from Rio Pop, these Innclude:
Medicine use
It may sound unfamiliar, but candy Rio Pop can be used as a drug given to children. For example, Rio Pop can be used to support the diet, used in anecdotal cases, and lose weight.
Low-Sugar is the main Advantage of Rio Pop. There are 2 kinds of sugar that are straight chain and ring form. The sugar contained in the Rio pop is sugar in the form of a ring, which is a more stable sugar than sugar in the form of a straight chain. We believe you also know about the benefits of low-sugar for health.
Helps digestion
The health benefits of fiber contained in Rio Pop can help smooth your digestion, improve bowel health and supporting your good bacteria.
Because it has very low sugar content, it makes Rio Pop a safe candy for diabetics and everyone who seeks to avoid spikes in blood sugar.
Free of gluten
There is no gluten in the Rio Pop, and because it is made in the factory, the lollipop is free of gluten. Are you running a Low-Sugar diet program? Rio Pop is perfect for your consumption.
Rio Pop is available nationwide. From the Mallam in front of your house to your local supermarket, even in all shopping malls, Rio Pop is available in single units and in packs of 48. Just look around and grab yours!


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